January Meeting: Agile Boston Community Open Space

The first Agile Open Space ever in Boston, circa Spring 2009







When: Thursday January 29, 2015


Theme: “Agile Boston: What’s the NEXT Chapter?”



Our January meeting is a special meeting.

It is an Open Space event where we will explore the theme:

Agile Boston: What’s the Next Chapter of The Story?

What’s next for Agile Boston? Participants in this January meeting will help determine the answer to that question. YOU are cordially invited to participate.

Do you want to influence the direction of the group? This is your chance.

Agile Boston began life in 2007. Since then we have arranged over 80 community gatherings in Boston, some with over 250 in attendance. All Agile Boston events since 2007 have attracted over 7000 participants!

Over the past 8 years, we have introduced unique events like GIVE THANKS FOR SCRUM, and the agile Culture Conference.  We’ve also expanded our monthly meetings to now include downtown Boston and the 128 area.

And thanks to NUANCE, we now videotape all of our monthly meetings.

During 2013 and 2014, we’ve expanded our leadership team, and we are looking to do much more of that. To help with this, we have implemented a governance model called sociocracy. This dynamic governance model emphasizes equivalence and consent when decisions are made. Each circle in sociocracy functions as a self-contained unit, with specific decision-making authority.

And so: 2015 is here, and with it comes the question: “what’s next?”

You are cordially invited to answer this question.

The event starts at 530PM. You can expect some great discussion- and some great food too. You can also expect discussions about a wide range of possible plans and programs. We will discuss how Agile Boston handles membership, sponsors, events, speakers, social events, finances, growth, and publicity on a going-forward basis.

In the Open Space tradition, we will produce proceedings and every member will receive those proceedings ASAP: in this case, 48 hours or less. After that, the Core or leadership circle (Georgina Prager, Dan LeFebvre, Gary Lavine, Joe DeAngelis and Daniel Mezick) will examine them, and act on what those proceedings identify as opportunities.

If you have a sense of passion and responsibility around growing the Agile community of Boston, this meeting is also an opportunity to sign up as a Volunteer.

This is your opportunity to write the story, and be a character in the story of Agile Boston.  Do you want to influence the direction of the group? This is your chance.

It’s also your opportunity to connect with others in the Agile community of Greater Boston.

This is Open Space, so be prepared to be surprised. An experienced Open Space facilitator named Erik Blazynski will take us through the process.

NOTE: You may find this meeting format useful for your own planning in your own organization. Attend this meeting to learn how to do it!

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1 Wayside Way
Burlington MA (directions here)
530PM to 900PM

Schedule and Agenda

530PM Doors Open
600PM Open Space Opening Circle
630PM Open Space sessions (630PM to 830PM)
830PM Closing Circle

Food is provided throughout the entire event…see you there!!