Evidenced-based Outcomes & Measurement

When:  Wednesday March 28, 2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm (NEW DATE!)

Where: Scrum.org Corporate HQ 131 Middlesex Turnpike Burlington MA

Evidenced-based Outcomes & Measurement

Slides from this presentation: Achieve Better Outcomes

Is your Agile adoption running up against these concerns and obstacles?

  • Organizations lack a "true north",  a precise, concise and universal set of ideals that inform us what we should do, not what we can do
  • Teams lack a true sense of purpose and vision that they can rally around and align to
  • There is increased fear around how one will fit in the "new" Agile way of doing work
  • Organization lacks a true sense of who their customer is, what they value and how we can add value for them
  • There is a lack of two-way trust between leadership and individual contributors
  • Our roles and measures have not adapted to the "new" agile way of doing business

What's measured tends to get managed and what is managed tends to magically improve. These are the facts! We have to start with asking the right questions: What business outcomes do we want to achieve and how does adopting the Agile mindset help us achieve these outcomes?   Along the way we have to be open to discovery and pivot based on what we find.

This session offers a solution: Enterprise Agile coach Joseph De Angelis will discuss how the Lean Startup mindset can be applied to any new or existing Agile transformation, to achieve those better outcomes.  Joseph will discuss how to minimize the BUILD - MEASURE - LEARN cycle, and introduce concepts like "validated learning" and MVP Experiments.  Along the way Joseph will reintroduce us to Customer Personas and we will have fun doing an exercise with Story Mapping.

What you will learn:

  • What has to happen FIRST to be successful
  • Why Lean Startup mindset starts with the right QUESTIONS
  • How to use Process Mapping, Story Mapping and Customer Personas to gain clarity on WHAT and HOW
  • How to explain all this to executive sponsors in your organization



6:30pm - Agile Introduction

7:00pm - Food & Fun

7:25pm - Keynote Presentation

8:30pm - *** Done


Joseph DeAngelis is an Enterprise Agile Coach and the Agile Boston Operational Leader.  Joseph comes from an Ops software development background and has been coaching teams, leaders and executives for the past several years at such companies as Liberty Mutual, Cisco, Nuance, Kronos and Fidelity Investments.  Joseph is passionate about helping individuals, teams and larger organizations achieve the outcomes they desire from their Agile transformation, focusing on all three phases of transformation: personal, work and process to achieve  a lasting Agile transformation that delivers on the promises of higher engagement, the right productively and true employee happiness!