About Live Music from Dan Hermes, innovator and developer of ClassiGroove

Dan performs for us from time to time

Dan performs for us next on November 25 2009

Dan Hermes, born 1970, is an internationally recognized audiovisual artist, curator, composer, keyboardist, technologist, and founder of Dan Hermes Fine Art , the Hermes Orchestra ,and Lexicon Systems.

In 2004 his debut CD, Hermes Orchestra: Live, aired on National Public Radio and in Europe. The Hermes Orchestra completed a concert series in 2003 sponsored by International Society at the Tremont Theatre.

Mr. Hermes scored six films for the Boston-based “Midnight Shorts” project. He was sound editor on NYC-shot short film “Malefactor”, which screened at the Pawtucket Film Festival in 2003. Commissions include Suite for Cello, Flute, Piano and Synthesizer for the Essex Chamber Music Players. For composer Mark Perreault, Mr. Hermes produced a CD of the Newton Symphony Orchestra entitled “The Testing LP”. Mr. Hermes DJed a rap battle for T-Nice Records in Waltham, MA.

He produced, arranged, and engineered pop, rock, soul, folk, and industrial dance music written by Kyra Marino, Arian Allen, Cameen Copeland, and Eric Kneipfer, among others. Mr. Hermes performs solo piano concerts, most recently at the Zeitgeist Gallery, Tremont Theatre, and at the Essex Chamber Music Players Piano-thon. Author of the manual series “Classigroov: Modern Improvisation for the Classical Musician”, Mr. Hermes has developed a unique style of modern improvisation called Classigroov and provides lessons and workshops on the topic in the Boston area.
With over twenty years experience in the software industry, Mr. Hermes is the founder and senior IT Consultant for Lexicon Systems, Inc., a Boston-based enterprise software development firm, serving clients such as Fidelity, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Computerworld Magazine. He provides .NET Architecture and IT Management Consulting services throughout New England.


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Audio Clips: playable in Windows Media Player

Clip Title: WAKE … http://www.hermesorchestra.com/mp3/Classigroov/PianoSolo/Wake.m3u

Clip Title: HABIT … http://www.hermesorchestra.com/mp3/Classigroov/PianoSolo/Habit.m3u

Lexicon Systems, Dan’s IT services consultancy:


Dan plays for us for the first time on September 23, 2009 at our MONTHLY MEETING