April Virtual Meetups

As the ban of gatherings of 10 or more people is still in effect in Massachusetts, Agile Boston will hold weekly 60-90 minute virtual meet-ups via Zoom each week. There is no need to preregister for these events, just come and enjoy the sharing.  Our virtual meet-ups will occur each Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:30 PM throughout the month of April, and into May if needed.

4/1 Session: Remote At Scale

In this session, Daniel Mezick will present actual experience reports about how prioritizing new norms for online video meetings led to real success in scaling.

If you enjoyed Daniel’s presentation, feel free to check out these new classes Daniel is offering:

CONNECT and COMMUNICATE: Teaching Online.

April 6-7-8 (230-430PM ET each day)
Learn more and register here:

April 20-21-22 (230-430PM ET each day)
Learn more and register here:

4/8 Session: Resetting Your Scrum Teams

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed the reason team chartering is so important to the success of a Scrum team, key chartering exercises Joseph has used with dozens of Scrum teams, and these exercises can even be applied to mature Scrum teams.

4/15 Session: Patterns for High Performing Scrum Teams

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed why teams that finish early accelerate faster: a pattern language consisting of 9 Scrum patterns proven to create hyper-productive Scrum teams.  In fact Jeff Sutherland himself has stated he would not work on a Scrum team without these patterns in place.

Watch Swarming 101 Video Here


4/22 Session: What About Those Outside of the 3 Scrum Roles?

In this session, Joseph DeAngelis discussed how managers, architects, technical leads, DBAs, etc. work within a Scrum Organization.


4/29 Session: No Limits Self Management

Doug Kirkpatrick from Morning Star joined us to tell the story of how Morning Star started in 1990 and rapidly became the leader in the tomato processing industry, with NO managers and two simple Principles!