Agile Boston Volunteer

Monthly Meetings

Agile Boston has become known for being on the fore front of spreading good Agile practices in the Boston area.   One of the key ways Agile Boston accomplishes this is creating monthly events that connect the best Agile experts from across the country with the best and brightest engineers and executives Boston has to offer.  Agile Boston has been organizing these monthly events for several years, and we rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers to help make these meetings happen! Responsibilities of a volunteer include working with the hosting organization to set up the space including audio and video, ordering food and drinks, marketing and branding, interacting with sponsors, organizing the Agile introduction and most importantly working with our key note speakers.   If you want to be part of the Agile Boston volunteer community and learn from the best Agile minds from around the world, start your journey here!


Join or Lead a Circle

For those volunteers that want to become more deeply involved in the Agile Boston organization, consider joining an existing volunteer circle or start one of your own.  When you join an existing circle you will learn how Sociocracy works and immediately participate in the creation and evolution of that circle's policy and processes. Currently we have established circles that create and maintain our Agile Boston website, on-board and engage new Agile Boston volunteers, manage our cash flow and grow our sponsorships. What skills and interests do you have and how can these skills be used to benefit the Agile Boston community?  If you have an idea, volunteer to create a new circle and recruit your colleagues! When you lead a new circle you also become part of the Agile Boston Core Leadership Circle!  There are many ways to become more deeply involved with Agile Boston, so let us know how involved you want to be!