Agile Boston 2021 Virtual Meetups

Self-Organization Through Self-Managing Scrum Teams

February 24, 2021

Joseph DeAngelis defines what Self-organization and Self-management are, common reasons why Scrum teams are impeded from being Self-managing and what a healthy Self-managing Scrum looks like.


Self-Organization-Management-Agile Boston



Decision Making for your Agile Teams

March 24, 2021

Listen to stories from Cristin Hernandez and Heidi Araya’s work inside organizations, learn how to help teams make better decisions, and hear what can go wrong if you’re not thinking holistically about how you decide to decide.



Better Decision-Making for your Agile Team – Agile Boston



The “Self” in Self-Management: The Untold Story

April 28, 2021

Dr. Miriam Sasse shares her personal and profound stories from various transformations, and offers insights into the completely normal, human difficulties in agile and digital transformations. She also offers suggestions for stress-reducing and appreciative thought patterns.


The Self in Self-Management



The Inviting Vision Game

May 26, 2021

Daniel Mezick, filling in for Darren Terrell, explains how invitation is the key ingredient to getting lasting engagement, and how invitation is used to gain willing participants to play the “Inviting Vision Game” developed by Darren Terrell; a game that defines the Why, What and How of a dynamic vision that people in your organization can get behind and execute.


Is your vision inviting v2



An Enterprise Transformation that shows that You Can Too!

June 23, 2021

Martin Hinshelwood of Naked Agility ( explains how Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Services formerly VSTS went from a three-year waterfall delivery cycle to three-week iterations and open sourced the Azure DevOps task library and the Git Virtual File System.



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