Addicted to Certainty: Why your Scrum Kinda Stinks!

Your Scrum is less than perfect because humans have a great need for certainty. Especially executives and engineers. Engineers and executives are alike in this way: they are both paid for RIGHT ANSWERS. People in these roles are addicted to certainty. This need for certainty explains why an “A-B-C” story and “A-B-C” (waterfall) frameworks are so very popular. It also explains those 20 non-Scrum meeting you must attend every week. The addiction to certainty explains a lot.

Meanwhile, actual 100% certainty is…impossible to achieve. But we actually pretend that we can do it. We can’t. Your Scrum must address this issue to be successful. By addressing this issue your Scrum can become 2X, 3X, or even 10X better!

Watch as Daniel Mezick explains the benefits of being released from the illusion of Certainty.