Agile Boston Virtual Meetups


As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, Agile Boston will hold 60-90 minute virtual meet-ups via Zoom the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  There is no need to preregister for these events, just come and enjoy the sharing.  Our virtual meet-ups will occur each Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:30 PM throughout the month of May.

7/15 Session: You Can Unlock Big Change Using Agile Data

Joel Foner described how to get to defensible data quickly, and data-enabled techniques you can use to trigger big change, even where progress seems to be blocked.




7/29 Session: Gaining Adoption of Key Scrum Operational Metrics

Joseph DeAngelis explains the keys to gaining buy-in and adoption of key operational Scrum metrics across over 70 Scrum teams in a Scrum @ Scale Environment.  Joseph describes the messaging, pitfalls and fears an organization can have when new operational metrics are introduced and ways to relax these fears and gain adoption.



8/12 Session: OKRs in a Scaled Environment

Don Blair describes what OKRs are and how they can work to create both alignment and continuous improvement in a Scaled Agile Environment.  Don references examples of how OKRs are used in the Spotify model and also SAFe.

OKRs in a Scaled Environment.pdf


8/26 Session: The Agile Checklist for Executives

Daniel Mezick introduces a Checklist tool that you can use to walk executives through key elements of the Scrum Guide, and discuss exactly what is required to support Scrum.


9/16 Session: Portfolio Management: the key part of implementing Scrum at Scale

Joseph DeAngelis defines what a Product Portfolio and Portfolio Management is, and how true Portfolio Management is a vital part in creating alignment around a common Vision and Strategy, but also enabling the right autonomy at the team level, two huge parts of scaling Scrum successfully.