The Open Leadership Symposium

When:  May 14-15, 2019

Where: Microsoft Technology Center, 5 Wayside Road Burlington MA 01803

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About The Open Leadership Symposium

This is a 2-day, deeply immersive, learn-by-experience Leadership Symposium on Open methods. At this event you’ll engage deeply with peers, across two full days, and make real connections as you learn to identify and use Open methods.

The methods that actually work, at scale!

This is the world’s first and only leadership symposium on how to apply Open methods to achieve agile and digital transformation. Open methods are those methods that engage the attention and energy of your workforce. Employee engagement is absolutely essential to any success you may have in achieving transformational change.

This conference is all about that. Open methods of leadership leverage the power of invitation, to engage employees in service to creating strongly positive business outcomes. This is the leadership symposium where you’ll find out exactly how to do this, safely and pragmatically. You’ll hear case studies. You’ll find your peers here, the new kind of leaders…who have done it. Your peers, who are actually doing it. Your peers, who are now teaching others how.

Who Should Attend

Any and all executives who are new to Agile, who are responsible for delivering a genuine business agility transformation, will strongly benefit from attending this Symposium.

Benefits of Attending the Open Leadership Symposium

  • Learn how to reduce your consulting spend on transformation by up to 70%, by engaging the workforce you already have
  • Learn how to achieve genuine and lasting business agility by leveraging Open methods, Open leadership, self-management, and much higher levels of employee engagement
  • Hear case studies and experience reports from practitioners and executives using Open leadership methods today to improve customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and measurable business outcomes
  • Connect with peers in your industry who are using Open methods today to improve talent retention and acquisition, drive positive business outcomes, and manifest genuine and lasting business agility. This is the world’s first and only leadership Symposium on how to apply Open methods to achieve agile and digital transformation
  • Gain access to the leading thinkers and voices of the emerging Open movement. Connect with the leaders who are creating the patterns and practices that lead to success with agile and digital transformation
  • Learn about sources of further learning and skills development on Open methods such as Open Space, Agendashift, Clean Language, OpenSpace Beta, Inviting Leadership and more

The Keynotes, Plenaries and Workshop Leaders

MARK BURGESS– Opening Keynote and Workshop Leader


CAITLIN WALKER– Workshop Leader

DOUG KIRKPATRICK– Plenary Speaker and Workshop Leader